The Pizza Chronicles

Vinny Verelli I love pizza. It’s my favorite food it is the perfect food. And since you can put anything on a round baked crust and call it a pizza you can have a pie with all food groups and convince yourself you’re on a diet. Pizza is an ancient story, a love story. Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs depict man baking round pies with toppings. I may have just made that up, but I think I saw that somewhere. But it IS a love story.  In 1889 Queen Marghereta (Queen Consort of the Kingdom of Italy) visited Naples and she fell in love. She fell in love with a pizza. One made especially for the royal visit. It was made with red tomatoes, white cheese and green basil to represent the Italian flag. And when a queen is in love with you, the whole world is in love with you. And thus pizza is adored to this very day.

This is vinny verelli’s pizza chronicles. 


New York Pizza.  New York pizza is pizza you get in New York. Ergo, If you’re in Georgia and make the best pizza on the planet, it’s not New York pizza, it’s Georgia Pizza. Just being literal. Part of what makes New York Pizza so good is that you’re eating it whilst in New York. You can be in any of the boroughs and still enjoy great New York Pizza.  Read More


A Tale of Two Pizzas New Yorkers like a good  – – discussion. This is evident at any sporting event you go to in the city. But it doesn’t stop at arguing balls and strikes. Other New Yorkers, this very minute, are debating the burning questions; Bridge or Tunnel?  Balducci’s or Dean & Deluca? And of course, Gramaldi’s or Lombardi’s?  Read More


Papa Johns’ six cheese pizza. Six Cheeses? I don’t think I can name six cheeses. Six cheeses because five cheeses just wasn’t enough. One less cheese per pie, a little less cheese on all the pies, you’ve just paid for employees health insurance. Your workers get benefits and we don’t get diabetes. It’s one of them win wins.  Read More 


Love that pizza smell but really,a pizza perfume?  When I heard about Eau de Pizza Hut, I was thrilled and at the same time horrified. I thought the story was something reported in the “Onion.”  But there is was on Pizza Hut’s facbook page. Read More.


There is not a better place to get together with a large group of friends and family than a good pizzeria serving cold beer, (or in this case Oban single malt scotch). I’d planned a get together to celebrate 20 years of producing interactive mysteries in Atlanta.  Someone had dropped the ball and the private room I’d requested wasn’t ready. Daniel, The Buckhead Pizza Company’s Manager and staff tuned what could have been a disaster (in my head) into an amazing night that I will remember for years to come.  Read More Although there’s no place better than a pizza joint  to meet friends, be careful with your manners. Check this  out.   Florida Man Shoots Fellow Pizza Restaurant Customer for Complaining About Service


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