About Cooking With Vinny

Southern Cooking with a New York Attitude – It’s a Matter of Taste.

I’m now living in an undisclosed location in the mountains of Northeast Georgia. I’ve learned to eat grits, country ham and road kill. Opossum, the other other white meat.

On these pages I will be discussing food and drink and recipes I like. Many are based on traditional Southern recipes. But with all recipes it’s a matter of taste.

Some cooks treat their recipes as if they were carved in stone. Ask those cooks where they got their recipe.  Nobody just makes anything up. Every original recipe is based upon other recipes and procedures for doing certain things to certain foods. An original recipe is the amalgamation of everything that person knows about cooking. And it’s all done to taste.

Whenever I deviate from a traditional recipe I will give my reasons for it. When making something for the first time it’s a good idea to read several recipes and then mix things up a bit, again depending on your taste.

I don’t base any of this on “Food Science.”  Food is not a science it’s an art. Unless you’re Alton Brown, you don’t need to know the science behind cooking. And cooking, like all art, is very subjective. One man’s stew meat is another man’s filet mignon. The word “taste,” is subjective on so many levels. If I say, “That guy ain’t got no taste.” You want to know, am I talking about the way the person dresses? The way they act or the way the eat?

The taste of food is very subjective.  I can’t stand, and you’ll never get me to like let alone cook Brussels sprouts. Right now some of you are agreeing with me and others are shouting at their screen, “You haven’t tried MY Brussels sprouts, jerk.” I got better things to do with my time than to try to make anyone’s recipe for Brussels sprouts palatable, when there are so many foods that are great just the way they are.

Now that’s out of the room, it would be nice if you made comments and posted your favorite recipes, even your BS (Brussels Sprouts) recipes, knock yourself out.  All that I ask is that you remain civil. Do not use my blog for name calling. My probation officer will take down any post that she deems offensive.

By the way, all of the vegetables on the table below and pictured in the the blog banner are from our garden. Often a blog post will be based on what’s ready to pick. 
Let’s Eat

2 thoughts on “About Cooking With Vinny

  1. I LOVE Brussels Sprouts..BUT I can understand your distaste..probably similar to mine against OKRA. Have had MANY people say, “but you haven’t tried MINE”..nope it all makes me gag.

    • I never ate okra when I lived in New York, except for the one obligatory slice that was in the can of Campbell’s Chicken Gumbo Soup. In Georgia it’s a different story. Last year we had so much okra in our garden I was running out of ways to. prepare it.

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