National Margarita Day

What’s your Favorite Margarita Recipe?

February 22 is National Margarita Day. Why a cool refreshing drink has it’s “Day” in the middle of February is anybody’s guess. Perhaps because while it’s 33º here in North Georgia (19º in St. Paul),  It’s 77º in Cozumel. And it’s a way for people sitting on Palancar Beach sipping the chilled tart libation to taunt those of us North of the Border drinking hot chocolate and bourbon. Actually hot chocolate and bourbon is really good.

Here is a video I made two years ago. I plan later today to make a once secret recipe for the margaritas made at Crarumba, a Mexican Restaurant on 9th AV in NYC.

The story:
Last year my old friend Keith Elrod and his wife Marion stopped by on their way to visit family in Florida and Marion made us some killer margaritas. We were asked to guess the secret ingredient that gave the margarita a unique and fabulous flavor. We could not nor would we have ever guest.

For a number of years Marion was the personal assistant to Chita Rivera. The two of them use to frequent a Mexican restaurant called Carumba in 9th Avenue. They made a unique margarita. The restaurant manager gave up their secret recipe to Ms. Rivera, who gave it up to Marion who told me. Now that the restaurant is closed I figure I can give up the recipe to you without giving away a trade secret.

In your blender add equal parts:
Frozen Limeade
Beer (that’s right beer!)
Use that can of Bud that’s been sitting in your refrigerator from when you brother-inlaw came over.
Add ice and blend. You are just blending the ingredients and chilling the drink. I prefer not to make it a frozen margarita. Optional: Pour 1/2 oz of Grand Marnier or other orange flavored liqueur over top of the drink and enjoy, with or without salt.

I will make a video of this soon and post it.