Deglaze a Pan with Cognac

CAUTION: Stand Back!

Was making Coq au Vin and some bits of chicken and skin were left in the pan after browning. You want to deglaze these flavorful morsels to add to your dish. You can use stock, wine or other liquids that will complement the sauce you’re making. Julia uses Cognac when making Coq au Vin and who am I to question Julia? I was doubling the recipe so I used a 1/2 cup of Cognac. WOW, the results were hot.
PLEASE BE CAREFUL when using high proof liquids to deglaze. If you have low wood ceilings do not try this. You need to have the proper range hood to be safe. The more alcohol the bigger the flame. It is also important to have a long handle on you pan.


Moonshine Margarita

Don’t Try This at Home

After making the “Verelli,” the drink I made up with the Coffee flavored Patrón, I made another margarita. This one was laced with Georgia Moonshine. Agave nectar was used as the fermenting agent for this moonshine and had a faint tequila taste.  This made for a high octane margarita that took be two days to finish.

I found this photo I took a number of years ago on the porch of Sautee Manor. Nothing beats an ice-cold margarita in the middle of july.

Summertime in the Mountains

Summertime in the Mountains

Drink Responsibly – Don’t Drink and Drive.