Not Your Average Fish Taco

Recently I was doing an event for a great new client in Miami Beach. The Learning Experience is a first class operation all the way, holding their event at the Eden Roc.  On Friday before a site run-through I stop at the Cabana Beach Cafe for a quick lunch. Often the only thing you can be sure of at a luxury property is expensive food. So I wasn’t surprised at the prices but was pleasantly surprised at how delicious the Fish Tacos were.

Funny Speaker Vinny Verelli at the Eden Roc

Fresh Grouper Tacos

Not your usual fired Tilapia with more breading than fish, but a thick filet of grouper that  ran the length of the tortilla. Crispy slaw, fresh pica de gallo,  julienne slices of mango and a sauce that didn’t over power the grouper.  Squeeze on a little lime and Yum.


Peppers Presently Picked are Perfect.

I love sautéed peppers and onions. I think must be part of my DNA. We’ll sauté heaps of peppers and onions and put them on or at the side of fish, chicken, or meat.

The pepper plants that are still producing have brought forth an abundance of beautiful peppers that rival the fall colors outside.

These Late picking peppers are deliciously sweet, like the Trokenbeerenauslese of peppers, but without the mold.  The Icewine of pepperdom, but without the whole thing of freezing.  This pleasing plethora of peppers is made all that more wonderful as they were planted from seed and we know where they were grown, plus supermarket colored peppers in bags cost $6.