Gluten-Free Breadsticks

Funny speaker makes breadsticksAfter making the Mezzetta Muffuletta Pizza there was some dough leftover.  It was a simple process to make some breadsticks. I brushed the sticks with Mezzetta Homemade Style Basil Pesto and popped them into the 350 oven until the were a nice medium brown color, about 10-15 minutes.  Let the breadsticks cool and dip them into the pesto. Wow, hard to believe it was a gluten-free bread mix. The Mezzetta Pesto was a coarse mixture and reminded me of pesto chopped instead of put through a food processor.

Funny Speaker and Celebrity Chef makes breadsticksAs with any bread or dough you can make it from scratch or use a mix. For both the Mezzetta Muffuletta Pizza and the breadsticks in this post I used a gluten-free, all-purpose bread mix.  There are a lot of different brands out there but I like the Chebe.  The package size seems perfect for one large pizza or a medium pizza with extra dough leftover for the breadsticks. Plus it’s easy to make.  Just add egg, milk and oil. Adding some grated aged parmesan cheese is a nice touch as well. The amounts are on the back of the package.

Posted by Funny Motivational Speaker and Celebrity Chef Vinny Verelli


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