The Mezzetta Muffuletta Pizza

Today we’re going to talk about Muffuletta.  Not the nickname they gave to my cousin in 10th grade. This is the sandwich that originated at the Central Grocery in New Orleans. If you like history you can find additional information about this sandwich on Wikkipedia.

The Muffuletta gets its name from the round loaf of bread on which the sandwich is made. It is huge and is often sold as 1/2 or 1/4 size. Here’s a photo of a 1/4 Muffuletta that I got at the The Beignet Connection in Atlanta.

Funny Speaker Vinny talks muffuletta.

1/4 of a Muffuletta

But we’re not going to make a sandwich, we’re going to make a pizza. Like the the sandwich the pizza can be made with many different types of cold cuts or cheeses but in order be be called a Muffuletta it must contain some variety of chopped olive salad or spread.  For my Muffuletta Pizza I used a Mezzetta Olive spread as it contained sun dried tomatoes. I love sun dried tomatoes and the tomatoes helped to make this pie more pizza-like.

The Finished Product Was Delicious – Bread Stick Video to Follow


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