Muffuletta, Big Sandwich Little Shtick

If it sounds Italian, looks Italian and tastes Italian it must be from the South. Not Southern Italy mind you but from the Southern United States from New Orleans. Everything about the Muffuletta is Italian except it’s play of origin.

The Muffuletta gets it’s name from the round loaf of bread baked with sesame seeds. This Italian loaf was cut horizontally and stuff with Italian meats, cheese and olive spread often warmed to soften or melt the cheese. The first Muffuletta sandwiches were said to have been created in New Orleans and it is now a staple in the Big Easy. Since an entire loaf of bread is used to make the sandwich it is huge.  The photo below was a 1/4 of a Muffuletta.  This and a cup of gumbo made for a great lunch at The Beignet Connection in Atlanta.

Funny Speaker Vinny talks muffaletta.

1/4 of a Muffuletta at the Beignet Connection Atlanta, GA

So where does the shtick come into play? In three (maybe four) separate interactive mysteries we produce in the Atlanta area, a character in the mystery has a sister whose name is Muffuletta. Another character besmirches her name and a fight ensues.

Sady: Don’t you dare say anything about Muffuletta, she’s a saint.
Lenny: Yeah, a Saint Benard! I’m not saying she’s a dog but … (fill in our own shtick).

Posted by Vinny Verelli, humorous motivational speaker and celebrity chef. 


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