One Potato, Two Potato…


Partial Crop of Sweet Potatoes
Last week Ginny dug up half a raised bed of sweet potatoes. It weighed in at 60 pounds! We stopped weighing but my guess is we have close to 200 pounds of sweet potatoes drying in the attic.  See photo at left.

There is only so much pie one can eat so I am therefore looking for other sweet potato recipes. I’ve already tried Anne’s recipe for sweet potato risotto from her blog EZ Gluten Free. It was delicious, but I still have 198 pounds of sweet potatoes left.  What’s your recipe?  Please send them to me.
At 2 pounds 8.1 ounces, this potato wasn’t the largest. One, weighing close to 4 pounds was taken to a friend in Atlanta.

This Spuds For You

 Post your recipes here or on my facebook page.


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