Food Shopping in North Georgia

We’ve had a lot of basil this year and I’ve been making a lot of pesto. But I can’t always find pine nuts at the local Ingles, which is 14 miles away. And when you do, a 2.88 oz. container is $8.  I’ll save you the time, that’s $44 a pound. They’re only $18 a pound at Whole Foods. Toasted walnuts work fine for pesto.

But for everything you can’t find in North Georgia there are those things you DO find in North Georgia.  You can find some commercially made (and packaged to last)  pates or terrines, but the “Locals,” don’t care much for items with French names. So Paté de Porc  becomes, “Liver Mush.” And if Liver Mush doesn’t sound appetizing, try the “Souse,” a meat jelly made with Pig Snouts.  Yum!

Head Cheese Anyone?

Liver Mush, Redneck Paté

And knowing that Souse is a merely a type of “head cheese,” doesn’t help my appetite.


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