Can It

Mint Jelly
Mint Jelly Made From This is Volunteer Mint. 

Most people here in North Georgia have gardens and this time of year most gardens are quite prolific. You eat as much as you can and give away what you can and can the rest. This will be the first year trying my had at canning, which is a strange term since everything is put into glass jars.  It should be called, “Jarring.”

The “locals” will often say, “I’m puttin’ up a mess o beans this year.” Putting up is the same as canning or jarring.  You can can just about anything and I started out simple. We have a mess o mint and I made some mint jelly and made a mess of the kitchen.  Hope things are more organized today with I put up the cucumbers to make some pickles.

I’ll post the recipe for the mint jelly after I’ve tasted it, tweaked it and am happy with it.

There’s a great blog I found called, “Putting Up” that has a mess o recipes and instruction for canning.


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