Life Liberty and the Pursuit of the Perfect Hot Dog

On this the anniversary of our country’s birth I suggest that we all learn to be tolerant, tolerant of the person cooking your hotdog over a hot grill. If your dog doesn’t have the amount of char or too much… remember, you’re in America!

Grilling is not my favorite thing to do as it’s hotter than most types of cooking. Add to this that you’re outside and it’s 94 degrees in the shade. Regardless a hotdog off the grill (OVER CHARCOAL) with whatever degree of “char” you like tastes much better than a dog from a frying pan or off a gas grill.

Since moving to XXXXX in Georgia, I’ve met with friends for a BBQ in Atlanta and then gone to Turner Field to watch the Braves and fireworks.  This year the clouds and breeze were a welcome relief when grilling.  Due to operator error (people showed up late and I started drinking early) I wasn’t able to capture much of the event. However, I did put together this short video trailer.


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